Portag3 Ventures is an early-stage fintech investor.

Today’s great idea can be tomorrow's transformative financial technology.
With the right support.

That’s why we are passionate about finding the big thinkers — the ambitious, creative entrepreneurs who will reshape the financial services industry to benefit all consumers.

We make early-stage investments in promising financial tech companies that have potential for global impact. Our long-term engagement offers a unique environment to grow, with robust support, and insight from our partners.

We know innovation can improve wellbeing. So we're on a mission to ensure it happens.

Portag3 Ventures, the venture capital arm of multi-asset class alternative investment platform Sagard Holdings, is an early-stage investor dedicated to backing the next generation of innovative, global financial services companies working to benefit all consumers. With its longer-term commitments combined with its industry intelligence and operational expertise, Portag3 is the ideal partner for the bold and ambitious entrepreneur.

Initially formed in 2016 as part of the Power Financial Corporation ecosystem in affiliation with Great-West Lifeco and IGM Financial Inc., Portag3 has since welcomed external investors to establish a leading, interconnected fintech ecosystem that successfully scales portfolio companies, shares key market insights, and leverages collective distribution power to drive financial services innovation across the globe. In addition to venture investing, Portag3 also seeks to help found global champions in financial services in partnership with fintech incubator Diagram Ventures.

Portag3 today has a presence in Toronto, Montreal, New York, Europe and Southeast Asia.

For more information about Sagard Holdings, please visit sagardholdings.com.

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